Public education campaign UNLABEL confronts disability stereotypes
UNLABEL aims to promote the inclusion of people with disabilities in different community living domains. This year’s theme, “The way you think can change the way they live”, confronts, breaks [...]
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Love Knows No Limits: Kee Choon & Ziying’s Journey of Love
For Kee Choon and Ziying, their relationship has been a journey of love, embracing differences, and finding strength in each other. This couple proves that love that transcends geographical boundaries [...]
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Beyond Limits: Alwyn’s Journey in Employment and Advocacy
Alwyn's daily course of work involves advising ultra-high-net-worth clients on hedge fund and private market solutions to meet their investment objectives. Beyond work, he actively advocates for disability and inclusion.
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Moza’s Splash of Inspiration: Navigating School, Dreams, and Beyond
Behind Moza's cheerful spirit and love for sweet and savory treats lies a resilient and determined young lady who aims to break barriers and inspire others.
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UNLABEL people with disabilities today
UNLABEL – A Public Education Campaign by SPD to Change Attitudes
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Woman Paralysed After a Car Crash Strives to “UNLABEL” People with Disabilities in Public Education…
For the third consecutive year, SPD collaborated with local creative agency Societal to conceptualise the UNLABEL campaign that challenges the public’s preconceived notions about persons with disabilities.
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Societal and SPD Partner Once Again to Help ‘UNLABEL’ People With Disabilities
For the second consecutive year, SPD has teamed up with local creative agency Societal to produce the next round of work in the “UNLABEL” campaign to support people with disabilities.
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SPD Partners with Societal to Continue Un-labelling People With Disabilities
SPD Partners with Societal to Continue Un-labelling People With Disabilities. One of the greatest barriers people with disabilities face is the attitudes of other people in labelling them.
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