Tanjong Pagar CDC District Raised $118,000 For The Disabled Through Recycling

Singapore, 4 June 2000 – Residents from the Tanjong Pagar CDC District has raised $118,000 to help the disabled, simply by recycling their waste. This is part of the SPD Green Earth Programme, an activity organised by The Society for the Physically Disabled (SPD) which aims to help the disabled, protect the environment and care for the community.

Each household in Tanjong Pagar-West Coast Town is given a green bag every fortnight to fill up with recyclable waste such as, metal, fabric and paper. Instruction on the date of collection of the bag is disseminated together with the green bags distributed. Residents simply leave the bags filled with recyclable waste before 8.30am at their doorstep on the day of collection. It is made very convenient for participants. When in doubt, residents call the hotline 1800-863-2288 to find out more.

This 5-year recycling programme is organised by The Society for the Physically Disabled (SPD), to provide a regular source of income from sales proceeds of the recyclable waste. At the same time, SPD is also doing its part to protect the environment of the community that has been contributing to its cause. It is no wonder that this programme has received tremendous support from grassroots organisations like Tanjong Pagar Community Development Council, Tanjong Pagar-West Coast Town Council, Residents’ Committees and schools/institutions in the town.

Mr Jeffrey Chua, General Manager of Tanjong Pagar – West Coast Town Council, said, “The residents’ contribution rate shows that our residents have indeed shown an interest in waste minimisation. At the same time, they are also doing their part for charity by helping the beneficiaries of SPD.”

Mr Han Kok Juan, General Manager of Tanjong Pagar Community Development Council, said, “In the first year, we have focused our efforts on reaching out to our residents to get them involved. We have conducted general publicity campaigns as well as adopted a more personal approach by having grassroots leaders explain to them the rationale for the programme. And we have raised $118,000 before the first year is up. Singaporeans are generally caring. But to translate that into action, sometimes they need to know how. I think the response for the programme has been good because it provides a convenient way for residents to show they care.”

Housewife, Antonella Khursheed remarked: “This programme is a good opportunity for homemakers like me who have some time to spare and wish to contribute to the community. We can now contribute to charity and the environment from the comfort and convenience of home.” Mrs Khursheed, a Star Volunteer Award winner at the Official Launch, was recognised for her initiative and outstanding effort to publicise and rally the support of residents of Kent Vale, a private estate, to support the programme.

Speaking at the Launch, Dr Ow Chin Hock, Mayor of Tanjong Pagar Community Development Council District, said that with 40% of the 71,848 households actively participating in the programme, he was convinced that the recycling habit would soon become a way of life in his town.

So far the programme has raised $118,000. SPD plans to use the funds to finance programmes and services for its disabled beneficiaries such as, training and rehabilitation, casework and couselling, financial assistance, befriending/home-help services.

Mr Mark Chan Weng Onn, President of SPD, said, “The programme is a many helping-hands concept. We are very happy to inform the public that the SPD Green Earth Programme has taken root in the Tanjong Pagar-West Coast town and has achieved healthy growth. Besides being a source of income, it has provided employment opportunities for people with disabilities. Furthermore, the programme has also enabled SPD to establish close links with the grassroots organisations, educational institutions and residents in the community in which it is domiciled.”

The Launch also marks the start of the SPD Greenest Precinct Competition. Organised in conjunction with the programme, it is introduced to inject some excitement and fun through a friendly competition and to recognise and reward the residents for their support. All households in the winning precincts will receive prizes in kind from generous sponsors including a limited edition Transitlink farecard.