Thank you, Ah Chai!

For 40 years, Mr Loh, also affectionately known as Ah Chai, worked as an artisan and bookbinder at SPD’s bookbindery, where he specialised in polar cutting and sewing of books. [...]

Trained as an artisan since 1979, Mr Loh, more affectionately known as Ah Chai, is SPD’s most elderly craftsman. Diagnosed with polio at the age of 5, Ah Chai grew up helping his parents, who were street hawkers, by peddling food on the streets.

Armed with primary school education, together with his mobility challenges, Ah Chai faced difficulties in finding employment in the 1980s. With the help of the labour union then, Ah Chai found a job at SPD’s production workshop.

His work as a bookbinder provided a stable income for his family. SPD was where he met his wife, who also has polio. They have two daughters in their 30s, who are working as a teacher, and as a civil servant.

Undeterred by his limited functionalities caused by polio, Ah Chai specialises in polar cutting (which requires a high level of precision in measurement, planning and cutting), and sewing of books.

Ah Chai has contributed to high-quality books bound by SPD’s team of artisans, ensured quality of bigger-scale projects from government entities, and restoration of worn-out books and bibles from individuals who walk away satisfied with our services.

Ah Chai’s tenacity, perseverance, patience, and irreplaceable skills have made him a virtuoso worthy of recognition!

We thank Ah Chai, for all 40 years of his service, which ended on 31 March. We wish him a fun-filled and fulfilling retirement. Cheers!