Thank You for Making the SPD Charity Show 2015 a Success

Close to $5 million was raised through the SPD Charity Show 2015 telecast ‘live’ over MediaCorp Channel 8 on Sunday, 22 March, including $32,000 that was collected at the show’s [...]

Close to $5 million was raised through the SPD Charity Show 2015 telecast ‘live’ over MediaCorp Channel 8 on Sunday, 22 March, including $32,000 that was collected at the show’s outdoor segment in the form of a three-hour getai performance at Ang Mo Kio Central Stage.

More than 20 popular local and foreign artistes performed at the show themed “Dreams Take Flight” which also provided an opportunity for some beneficiaries to showcase their abilities. Minister of Defence and MP for Bishan-Toa Payoh GRC Dr Ng Eng Hen was also present to join in the celebrations.

Here are some highlights from the show:

17-year-old Teo Pei Shan fulfilled her dream of performing for an audience on a white grand piano as she started the evening’s programme with a solo performance.

Dancers with disabilities Zhai Xiao Wei and Lin Fei performed two dance routines in absolute gracefulness.

SPD Youth Aspiration Award winner Samuel Lim played the piano as MediaCorp artistes Kate Pang and Bonnie Loo joined in for the performance of the show’s theme song <<爱在身旁>> or “Love by Your Side”.

Veteran local television host Quan Yifeng and Taiwanese celebrity host Mickey Huang helmed the stage indoors while Mark Lee and Lee Teng sweated it out with more than 20 popular getai performers, including Wang Lei, Hao Hao and Liu Ling Ling, at the outdoor getai stage at Ang Mo Kio Central Stage.

Taiwanese multi-faceted celebrity Rainie Yang brought to the audience her encouraging song <<其实我们值得幸福>> or “We Deserve Happiness” as well as a seven-minute medley of popular Mandopop hits.

SPD Education Programme Bursary Award recipient Tan Le Ming, accompanied by MediaCorp actors Jeffery Xu and Nick Teo, took a big step towards fulfilling his aspiration of becoming a dancer as they performed a K-Pop dance routine that pumped up the studio’s atmosphere.

MediaCorp veteran actor Chen Han Wei joined SPD Day Activity Centre beneficiary and stroke survivor Vivien Ng in a rendition of Teresa Teng’s evergreen track <<甜蜜蜜>> or “Sweet as Honey”.

Teo Pei Shan was back on the keys again, this time in a whimsical duet with her mentor from Beautiful Minds. The segment drew the most cheers, especially when she was interviewed at the end of her performance, she seemed to muster up all her energy to wish the show the best.

Hong Kong ballad singer William So got everyone swaying to the tunes of his famous chart-topping ballads.

15-year-old music prodigy Samuel Lim played the Guzheng with a grace and intensity that was reflected in the wushu routines of Martial House students and World Wushu Championships Gold and Silver medalists, Ho Lin Ying and Samuel Tan. They were accompanied by MediaCorp artiste Desmond Tan who also displayed his swordsmanship.

Having first met and appeared together in a segment at the SPD Charity Show 2009, MediaCorp goodwill ambassador Michelle Chia once again joined SPD beneficiary Eva Lee on national television in a segment that showed the challenges that people with disabilities face in going about their activities of daily living.

Seah Yueh Jing, who found employment though SPD’s Employment Support Programme, joined her mother in a short but heartfelt rendition of a Hokkien opera piece <<红楼梦>> or “Dream of the Red Chamber” after an interview with MediaCorp artiste Priscelia Chan.

The mood was then set for Taiwanese Hokkien singer Shen Wen Cheng as he took to the stage to entertain the audience with his Hokkien songs so widely-loved by the Hokkien-music community.

6-year-old Ruo En, who is unable to speak due to cerebral palsy, held a simple conversation with veteran MediaCorp actress Zoe Tay using her augmentative and alternative communication device.

The loudest cheers were reserved for veteran Chinese-American powerhouse singer Fei Xiang as he mesmerised the audience with his charming voice and sometimes playful personality.

The finale was performed by almost every MediaCorp artiste present that night and more as they tapped coloured cups and played a cup game to the beat of Anna Kendrick’s memorable “When I’m Gone”. Bonnie Loo and Tay Ping Hui sang a duet while local artistes Zheng Geping, Elvin Ng, Desmond Tan, Priscelia Chan, Jeffrey Xu, Nick Teo, Ya Hui and Kate Pang, carried out the percussion beat perfectly along with more than 50 students from Pei Chun Public School. By the end of the song, Zoe Tay and Chen Han Wei had gathered the cups and placed them onto a panel that lit up to show the shape of the dove, symbolising the dreams of the SPD beneficiaries taking flight.

Mr Abhimanyau Pal, executive director of SPD, said: “We are grateful to all our donors for helping us meet our show target. To everyone who has called the donation hotlines and also those who have given generously at the getai performance, we want to say a very big ‘thank you’. We are greatly encouraged by the public’s response and will continue to help people with disabilities become as self-reliant and independent as possible. We also want to specially thank our corporate donors whose support continues to allow us to provide care and support for those who rely on our services. ”

The encore telecast will be broadcast on Sunday, 5 April, over Channel 8 from 3.30pm to 6.30pm. Till midnight of 5 April 2015, donors can make contributions of $10, $20, $50 and $100 by calling the following four donation hotlines to make their donation:

1900-112 0303 for a $10 donation
1900-112 1313 for a $20 donation
1900-112 2323 for a $50 donation
1900-112 3333 for a $100 donation

For each call made, an administration fee of $0.21 will be levied by the telecommunication companies with GST chargeable only on this fee, and not on the donated amount.

Funds raised from the show will go towards helping over 4,700 people with disabilities that SPD is currently serving through our programmes and services.