The Amazing Wheelchair Race – Speech by Jan Lee

Associate Prof Leong Kai Choong, Associate Chair, School of Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering, NTU

Mr See Cher, President, Society for the Physically Disabled

Supporters and sponsors

Fellow students from NTU, and all participants and volunteers of The Amazing Wheelchair Race

Good evening


It’s heartening to see all of you take part in an event that promotes awareness of people with physical disabilities.

I feel fortunate to be a student at NTU. Here, I receive much support from teachers and friends. The environment is accessible, with sheltered walkways between buildings so that I would not have to miss any classes. There are accessible toilets on every floor, and ramps where there are steps.

However, once outside NTU, it is a different matter. I take a maxi cab to school daily, as the MRT is some distance from my place. I would usually plan my route to ensure that I would not be stuck in an uncomfortable situation by asking friends or family members about how accessible the place is.

As some of you may have experienced today, places without ramps or lifts can pose as inconveniences. There have been times when out with friends, I would have to change my plans or make a detour to enter a shopping centre.

My friends at NTU have been a great help and a blessing. They have been very supportive, by offering to wheel me around and even up steep slopes if necessary. Of course, my aim is to grow in independence and rely less on others. I look forward to the day when Singapore becomes fully accessible and wheelchair users can be fully independent.

Thank you all for taking the time and energy to be involved in a worthy cause such as this. I wish you all a great week ahead.