Tower Transit Singapore Partners SPD on Public Bus Confidence Course

Commuters with mobility issues can practise boarding and alighting from buses at the newly relocated Jurong East interchange. As part of Tower Transit Singapore (TTS)'s initiative to foster inclusivity and [...]

Commuters with mobility issues can practise boarding and alighting from buses at the newly relocated Jurong East interchange. As part of Tower Transit Singapore (TTS)’s initiative to foster inclusivity and to promote a caring commuting culture, it has partnered with SPD to conduct a public bus confidence course to help people with mobility challenges regain confidence to travel on public buses. 

Ms Grace Fu, Minister for Sustainability and the Environment, together with Kishon Chong, SPD staff and clients at the newly relocated Jurong East interchange on 30 January 2021. 

The course, which will be conducted over two sessions, is free and open to the public, social service agencies and hospitals who are looking to equip their clients and patients with the knowledge to practise boarding and alighting from buses.  

From left: Mr Glenn Lim, TTS’ communications director, Mr Kishon Chong, TTS’ Customer Experience and Inclusivity officer, Mr Kam Jin Chieh, SPD’s Adult and Elderly Services assistant director, and Ms Michelle Hui, SPD’s occupational therapist, at the recent launch of the Jurong East interchange. 

Kishon Chong, who was formerly from our Transition to Employment programme and now TTS’   customer experience and inclusivity officer, will facilitate the course. A wheelchair user himself, Kishon said that the course would help participants with mobility issues to board, ride and alight from a bus safely, as well as help them manage very real anxieties like the thought of holding up other passengers. 

Mr Kam Jin Chieh (first from left), SPD’s Adult and Elderly Services assistant director, feels the course is a good platform and complements what SPD is currently doing in its community mobility training with clients.  

Mr Kam Jin Chieh, assistant director overseeing adult and elderly services at SPD, shared the importance of community mobility in helping a person with disability regain their independence.  

“This has always been an integral part of our clients’ rehabilitation plan.   This course is beneficial as it provides a platform and opportunity for clients to practice using public transport in an inclusive setting and complements what SPD is currently doing during our community mobility training with clients. We feel this course will help clients feel more at ease and confident accessing the community.” 

We are thankful for this partnership with Tower Transit and we look forward to more collaborations to further improve the commuting experience for those with disabilities.