NatSteel Empowerment Awardee Shares Tribute to Mum

Madan has popliteal pterygium syndrome and uses a motorised wheelchair to move around. His mother, Mdm Vejaya, plays a pivotal role in caring for him, ensuring that he grows up [...]

20-year-old Madan Saravanapavan has popliteal pterygium syndrome, a condition that causes webbing of the skin at the joints, and he uses a motorised wheelchair to move around. His mother, Mdm Vejaya, plays a pivotal role in caring for him, ensuring that he grows up in an environment filled with love and joy. This Mother’s Day, our NatSteel Empowerment Award recipient, Madan, pays tribute to his mother.

Happy Mother’s Day to the woman who raised me into the person I am today. A strong pillar of strength and ardent supporter of my passion and aspiration, no words can express my gratitude for her 20 years of care for me.

I remember the time when I first took up photography as a co-curricular activity (CCA) in primary school. That was when my interest in photography was first piqued. Naturally, I wanted to learn more and be better at the craft, so I decided to enrol in a photography course outside of school.

As the course required us to visit several locations for photo shoots – and most are quite far from my home – my mum was initially worried about me going alone. To allay her concerns, she decided to join me in the lessons too!

Madan managed to capture the fun side of Mdm Vejaya

Having my mum around has been a tremendous help to me. She was always there to help me get ready so that I won’t be late for lessons. I always count on her to give me constructive feedback and opinions on the photos taken too.

On days when I don’t have lessons, we would go to the parks so that I can continue to take photos and brush up on my skills.

Besides supporting me in my passion, she also trusts that I will do my best in my studies. She has never once forced me to study or stop playing, giving me full control of what I do with my time. I cannot thank her enough for giving me the autonomy to make the choices for myself. To be honest, when people ask me what is my most memorable moment with my mum, I have no answer to that. Simply because every moment with her is memorable to me. She is a strong individual and I wish to be just like her!

Madan and his mother, Mdm Vejaya, during one of the photography classes

To my mum, I just want to say thank you for looking after me so well all these years, I am so blessed to have a mum like you. I know raising me was not easy, so I am ever so thankful for your unconditional love and patience! Thank you for being the greatest mum in the world. I feel so happy and proud to be your son!

We would like to wish all mothers, grandmothers, and awesome mother figures a Happy Mothers’ Day!