Collaborate with SPD for your school’s Values in Action programme.

SPD is a local charity set up to help people with disabilities of all ages to maximise their potential and integrate them into mainstream society. By collaborating with SPD, students will have greater awareness of the different types of disabilities, obtain skills in interacting with people with disabilities and understand how they can offer help. The experience will enhance students’ development as socially responsible citizens who can contribute meaningfully to the community.

Untitled-1_0003_Disability Awareness Talk

Disability Awareness Talk

Students will learn about types of disabilities and how they can offer their help to people with disabilities

Untitled-1_0002_Disability Simulation Activities

Disability Simulation Activities

Students will experience the challenges faced by a person with disabilities through activities such as wheelchair simulation

Untitled-1_0000_Tour of SPD Ability Centre

Tour of SPD Ability Centre

Students will visit the SPD Ability Centre and learn about the different programmes and services available to help people with disabilities be more self-reliant and independent

Untitled-1_0001_Interaction with People with Disabilities

Interaction with People with Disabilities

Students can be involved in activities such as sports & packing of goodie bags with our beneficiaries to interact with them

Note: In view of the COVID-19 situation, certain activities will be conducted virtually.

How your school can help

Set up an online fundraising campaign to raise funds for SPD

Head over to and set up your very own fundraising page for SPD. Students can share their thoughts on supporting people with disabilities through videos, drawings or words on the page and encourage others to make a donation to SPD.

Organise a charity event and donate the proceeds to SPD

It can be a bake sale, mini carnival or anything your students can dream up. SPD will guide your students in the planning process and provide logistics such as donation boxes, brochures if required.

Participate in SPD fundraising events

SPD organises various fundraising events e.g. SPD Charity Hongbao, flag day annually. Students can choose to participate in any of the events.

Collaboration is suitable for pre-schools to university students. SPD will customise the programme accordingly to suit the students’ age.

For more information, call 6579 0780 or contact us here. Please select “Events” in the Subject drop down menu in the contact form before clicking on the Submit button.