Veteran Mountaineer David Lim In Record-setting Attempt To Scale Mount Kinabalu In A Day

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In late August 2013, well-known Everest expedition leader, mountaineer and leadership coach David Lim will make an attempt to climb Mount Kinabalu in a day. Borneo’s highest peak at 4,095m normally takes most fit adults two days to make the ascent. David, who is mobility-impaired from Guillain-Barre Syndrome, a rare nerves disorder, will make a record-setting attempt to scale the peak in a single day. David is taking this opportunity to raise funds for SPD by making an offer to all organisations and corporates so that they can benefit from this journey.

Closed Up photo of Mr David Lim

“Lessons from Everest” is a sought-after interactive presentation conducted by David that has helped professionals across 50 cities and 25 countries improve their team and leadership efficacy.

From the presentation, learn:

– how to set and get stretch goals

– to pass the Wake Up test

– cultivating a passion to produce results

– improving self-discipline in a process

– improving self-belief

– how to create a winning culture

– the 1% rule in improving anything

David’s normal fees range from $10,000 – $14,000. For a limited time , companies can have David raise the energy and motivation skills of their teams for a concessionary rate of just $5,000 where all the monies will go directly to SPD. Companies who take up this offer* will enjoy tax exemption of 2.5 times.

Details of David’s work, client testimonials and other solutions can be found at He can also be reached at


– Presentations are valid for sessions in the Republic of Singapore, and for45 minutes (or shorter depending on your preference), and delivered with notice given no later than two calendar weeks before a specific date and time; subject to availability.

– Donation/payment to the SPD will be made no later than 30 days after the presentation.

– This offer is valid till 30 Sep 2013.