World Physical Therapy Day: Fit To Take Part

Hai Leck Engineering Pte Ltd organised a golf tournament on 10 September at Tanah Merah Country Club to benefit SPD. The company invited its customers, partners and staff for a [...]

In conjunction with World Physical Therapy Day or World Physiotherapy Day on 8 September, SPD’s physiotherapists organised a fitness screening and exercise prescription session for SPD staff on 10 September. They conducted individual assessments and recommended ideal exercises for those who signed up for the screening.

The assessments were carried out at four stations and comprised tests to ascertain the recommended weight for strength training, cardiovascular fitness level, and the individual’s neuro-motor skills, balance, flexibility and posture. The therapists also gave tips on maintaining an injury-free exercise routine.

Administrative executive, Isabelle Seah, was one of the staff who benefited from the activity: “The therapists helped to identify the muscle groups that I need to strengthen. I am also more mindful of keeping a correct sitting posture at work so that I won’t create problems for my back in the long run.”

We take this opportunity to extend our appreciation to all physiotherapists who celebrated World Physical Therapy Day on 8 September. Their dedication and commitment to helping people get well, and be mobile, independent and fighting-fit is truly admirable.

Photo of Physiotherapist conducting the assesement

Photo of Physiotherapist recommending ideal exercises for those who signed up for the screening

Photo of Physiotherapist giving tips on maintaining an injury-free exercise routine

Photo of Staff who participated in the event

Photo of Staff who participated in the event

About Physiotherapists

Physiotherapists (PTs) are qualified health-care professionals who treat patients with physical difficulties as a result of an illness, injury, disability or ageing. They work with patients to identify and improve in their movements and functions so that they can be independent and self-reliant in their activities of daily living. PTs play a key role in supporting people with disabilities in their rehabilitation journey to become fully integrated into the society.