Free e-Filing Service Provided by Physically Disabled People Help Taxi Drivers Cope with Income Tax Filing Difficulties

Singapore, 16 March 2005 – For taxi drivers who need help with e- filing their income tax returns, they can turn to The Society for the Physically Disabled (SPD). A group of eight beneficiaries from the Society is providing a free e-Filing service as a show of appreciation to taxi drivers who have been a main source of transport to them.

Piloted in 2004 and staffed fully by people with physical disabilities, this e-Filing service also shows that physically disabled people are able to serve and be contributing members of the community.

The service will be especially helpful with the implementation of the new e-Filing system where added information like employment income and deductions appears on the electronic tax form. Mixed reactions have been received with some reporting that the system seems more difficult to use than the previous and others welcoming the added feature. IRAS expects a server jam as the e-Filing deadline looms nearer, as so far only 65,000 out of some 1.4 million expected e-Filers have e-Filed their income tax returns.

To prepare for this project, the beneficiaries received formal training from IRAS and other experienced volunteers on the mechanics of e-Filing income tax returns.

“The physically disabled can serve too, and SPD is glad that our clients are able to return to society the goodwill they have received from the public. Transport is one of the biggest challenges faced by our clients and we are grateful to taxi drivers for their support. We look forward to a more accessible public transport system so that the disabled can have more transport options apart from the taxi,” says Dr Ow Chee Chung, Executive Director of SPD.This free e-Filing service will be provided at The Society for the Physically Disabled at No. 2 Peng Nguan Street from 15 March to 30 April 2005, between 11am to 3pm on weekdays. Cabbies need to provide their Tax Reference No. or NRIC No., IRAS PIN or SingPass, all documents to support their income, expenses and claims and the BC/ NRIC numbers of grandparents, parents, spouse and/or children. Those interested can contact 6579 0746, or log onto the website