SG Bike Celebrates Third Anniversary and New Store Opening with Gifts of Mobility

SG Bike has donated 20 mobility scooters worth $20,000 to people with disabilities through SPD as part of its aim to give back to the community in celebration of their [...]

SINGAPORE, 28 December 2020 – A gift of mobility will enable Mdm Huynh Thu Nhi to finally be able to move about comfortably.

Mdm Huynh, 40, was diagnosed with poliomyelitis, a condition which caused severe muscle wastage of her right lower limb and leg length discrepancy. For seven years, she has been wearing an orthotic caliper on her right leg in order to walk. Though the caliper enables her to move around, she experiences pain whenever the caliper places pressure on her leg while she walks. This situation, however, is about to improve as Mdm Huynh will be receiving a mobility scooter, courtesy of homegrown bike sharing operator SG Bike.

Set on ensuring mobility for the masses, SG Bike has donated 20 mobility scooters worth $20,000 to people with disabilities through SPD, a local charity that helps people with disabilities. This is part of its aim to give back to the community in celebration of their third anniversary and new store opening.

“At SG Bike, we strongly believe that personal mobility aids such as scooters serve as a catalyst for persons with disabilities to gain greater independence and social integration. This was the main driver that propelled us to reach out to and partner SPD so that we can contribute in our own way to make a positive difference in the lives of persons with disabilities,” said Mr Sean Tay, SG Bike’s Chief Operating Officer.

The scooters will be donated to SPD’s Specialised Assistive Technology Centre (Specialised ATC) where persons with disabilities from low-income households will be offered the scooter if they are found to be suitable and eligible. Training will also be provided to help these clients to be proficient in using the scooters.

Mdm Huynh, who is a client from SPD’s Specialised ATC and Employment Support Programme, is looking forward to receiving the scooter. She plans to use the scooter to travel to work and pick up her children from school after work.

Another client who is being assessed for the scooter is 66-year-old Mdm Teo Thay Eng. She has recently undergone an amputation below her right knee. Mdm Teo has been using a manual wheelchair since, which requires her to exert significant strength to move it around. With the scooter, Mdm Teo will be able to continue with her grocery shopping and socialising with her friends and neighbours, with added ease.

“For many of our clients with physical disabilities, they rely on such personal mobility aids to help them in their daily commute – whether it is to go to work or participate in community life. These donated scooters by SG Bike come in extremely handy, especially for our clients who may not be able to afford one. We are therefore very heartened to receive the thoughtful and generous support from SG Bike, especially during this trying time,” said Mr Abhimanyau Pal, Chief Executive Officer of SPD.

Besides the contribution of mobility scooters, SG Bike has also donated the sales proceeds on the opening day of its new store in Bedok on December 13.

Visitors who wish to make a cash donation to SPD can do so at the donation box placed at SG Bike’s new retail space located at 202 Bedok South Ave 1, Block B, #03-11, S469332.


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