Together, As One

Annual Report FY2020/2021

President’s Message

“2020 was like no other. With the COVID-19 situation disrupting many lives and businesses everywhere, we stood united with the nation in dealing with this crisis. Responding to the evolving pandemic situation, we at SPD endeavour to be adaptive and nimble so that we can continue delivering quality and timely services to persons with disabilities. And we aim to achieve this while prioritising the health and well-being of our people.”

Mr. Winston Ngan, SPD President

Our Day Activity Centre remained open during the Circuit Breaker for PWDs with higher care needs and those without alternative care arrangements

“When onsite services were temporarily suspended last year, we used the tele-practice platform to reach out to clients. As we were not physically present with them, it drove them to be more independent, thus boosting their confidence. The situation also pushed us to be more creative in planning our intervention.”

Seiji Sim Milkinson,
Occupational Therapist,
Transition to Employment

Tele-practice and remote services were piloted to ensure uninterrupted support for clients when services were temporarily suspended

“During the Circuit Breaker, the virtual badminton sessions conducted by SPD’s Day Activity Centre (DAC) and their volunteers motivated Theng Keong to be more disciplined in waking up earlier to prepare for the sessions. The DAC staff also called us regularly to help us connect to the internet and their patience helped my mum to be open to the virtual sessions.”

Gan Theng Huat,
brother of DAC client Gan Theng Keong

We garnered sponsorship for devices and data access to enable clients and caregivers from low-income families to receive remote support

“During the COVID-19 pandemic, my husband got his second stroke and was homebound. Even though he was offered day care services, I found it hard to juggle between my hawker stall and sending him to day care. SPD supported me in these trying times by guiding me to get a stay-in caregiver and finding schemes that helped to soften the impact of the pandemic on my business.”

Caregiver of a stroke survivor
supported by SPD’s social workers
who requested for anonymity

We ventured into the online space and tapped influencers to raise funds for our programmes

“The pandemic had impacted the routines of our elderly day care clients and we had to make special arrangements to ensure continuity of care to them. We have also been stressing on the importance of good hygiene habits and encouraging all clients and staff to be vaccinated. Together, we shall fight through this tough period.”

Guo Ruimin,
registered nurse,
SPD@Toa Payoh

A series of initiatives were launched to ensure staff’s well-being during Circuit Breaker

…Through Our Programmes

Supporting Children with Developmental Needs

Our early intervention programmes support children and youth with developmental needs in reaching their highest potential.


children and youth supported

Empowering Youth in Schools

We support students with disabilities from primary to university levels holistically through bursaries, scholarships, tuition grants, case management and befriending services through the NatSteel-SPD Education Programme Bursary Awards, and the Asia Pacific Breweries (APB) Foundation Scholarship for Persons with Disabilities.


children and youth supported through bursaries and scholarships


awarded NatSteel Empowerment Award


awarded to 63 bursary recipients and 16 scholarship holders

Unlocking Potential through Technology

The Specialised Assistive Technology Centre promotes the use of assistive technology, and operates out of Tech Able, an AT showcase jointly managed by SPD and SG Enable and located in the Enabling Village.


clients supported

Supporting Persons with Disabilities in Employment

With employment comes dignity and self-reliance. SPD strives to secure work opportunities for persons with disabilities in supported, sheltered and open employment.

Improving Quality of Lives

We seek to improve the lives of persons with disabilities and their caregivers by providing care, respite as well as therapy services.

Supporting Clients and Caregivers in Every Way

Our social workers and case management officers provide counselling, financial assessment and assistance, guidance on self-care management and referrals for persons with disabilities and their families, connecting them to useful community resources.

Growing the Sector Together

The SPD Therapy Hub recruits, develops and manages a pool of physiotherapists, occupational therapists and speech therapists to meet the needs of the sector. This also provides greater career development options for our staff.


clients supported


physiotherapists, occupational and speech therapists supported children, adults and the elderly under 62 programmes within SPD and in the community, such as nursing homes, day rehabilitation and social care centres, special schools, EIPIC centres and mainstream schools

Capability Building Across Sectors

The Lives We Impacted

Moving Forward, Step by Step
Syaza Hidayah

Syaza was diagnosed with global developmental delay with movement disorder, and hearing and visual impairments. At SPD@Jurong, where she attended EIPIC, her physiotherapist helped improve her movement and mobility while her mother received caregiver training to improve her neck control. Syaza has since graduated from EIPIC and is now attending a special education school. She can now participate in activities by looking at toys and listening to songs.

Staying Resolute for His Family
Mr Chen Mun Wah

Mr Chen runs a chicken rice stall at Tanjong Pagar Market. After having a stroke in November 2020, he experienced a reduction in left upper and lower limb co-ordination, as well as weakness in his left arm and leg. During his time at SPD’s Transition to Employment programme, his therapists worked with him to improve his endurance, co-ordination and motor control training. Since January 2021, Mr Chen has returned to work, and is grateful that he can continue supporting his family.

An Unyielding Kinship
Mdm Tina Tan

A stroke which struck Mdm Tan years ago affected her mobility and hand function. Despite this, she remains strong behind her 34-year-old son Mr Darren Chua, a stroke survivor who is physically and cognitively impaired. Our social workers helped her appeal for financial support, assisted her in applying for laptops subsidies, and guided her on the use of digital devices. This has improved the quality of life of both Mdm Tan and her son.

Elfred Found His Voice
Elfred Ang

Elfred has autism and bilateral severe-profound hearing loss. Before enrolling in the Specialised ATC in 2019, he was reluctant to use a text-based Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) system to aid his speech, despite being familliar with it. Through strategies shared by our AT specialists, Elfred’s mother was able to help him to communicate better and express his thoughts and feelings more candidly. Elfred is now more motivated to use his AAC app and more interested in communicating with others.

Capturing Moments in Life with Confidence
Madan Saravanapavan

Madan has popliteal pterygium syndrome, a condition that causes webbing of the skin at the joints, yet his use of a motorised wheelchair has not hindered him from pursuing his interest in photography. Receiving the NatSteel-SPD Education Programme Bursary Award has helped Madan to defray his school and living expenses, while the NatSteel Empowerment Award has allowed him to pursue his interest in photography under the guidance of NatSteel mentors.

Support for Mr Lim and His Caregiver
Mr Lim Kok Wei

A road traffic accident left Mr Lim Kok Wei with a traumatic brain injury, which affected his left eye vision, along with cognitive and memory impairments. As an individual who requires constant supervision, his enrolment in SPD’s Day Activity Centre (DAC) reduced his mother’s load greatly. She was relieved that the DAC remained open during the Circuit Breaker to continuously serve clients and their families who needed the respite. At the centre, our training officers continued to work with him on targeted activities of daily living as well as provided the family with care packages.

People Who Made It All Possible


corporates, schools, and community groups

Santhia joined SPD as a volunteer befriender for 76-year-old Mdm Angie in June 2020. It was Santhia’s maiden stint as a befriender and she was very keen to provide support to Mdm Angie. During the Circuit Breaker, she made regular phone calls to check on Mdm Angie and keep her company as she lived alone and was also unable to travel out independently due to childhood post-polio syndrome. Even after Santhia has moved on to her first full-time job, their friendship is still going strong.

Our Staff

teachers were supported in their pursuit of the Advanced Diploma in Early Childhood Intervention (Special Needs)
training hours clocked by each staff on average
staff awarded the SingHealth COVID-19 Heroes Award for their contribution in the COVID-19 safe management efforts
staff recognised for exemplary service standards in an internal service excellence awards programme