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    Information as at 31 Mar 2017




    Programmes and Services

    No. of People Served

    Programme Impact

    No. of Staff 

    Rehabilitation Services for Adults




    Day Activity Centre


    Provided day care and 16,080 hours of training in activities of daily living and community living. 


    Home Therapy


    Provided 322 therapy sessions to clients who were unable to leave their homes due to their health conditions. 


    Maintenance Exercise

    (with day care)


    Provided day care incorporating 16,490 sessions of maintenance therapy.


    Rehabilitation Centres


    Offered step down community care support through 10,604 therapy sessions.


    Weekend Respite Care


    Offered at SPD@Toa Payoh to relieve caregivers of their duties.


    Transition Programme for Employment



    Helped those below 50 years old diagnosed with spinal cord injuries or had survived stroke to integrate back into mainstream workforce through individualised support plan that encompassed therapy and vocational training. 






    Early Intervention Services




    Continuing Therapy Programme


    Supported children and youth with disabilities under 18 years through speech and occupational therapy.


    Development Support Programme


    Offered 368 therapy and support packages to children in their pre-schools.


    Early Intervention Support for Infants and Children (EIPIC)


    41 children graduated, with 27 progressing to mainstream primary school and the rest to Special Schools.






    Employment Support and Vocational Training




    Sheltered Workshop


    Provided sheltered employment and vocational training to people with disabilities.


    Employment Support Programme


    Provided job placement and job support services to persons with disabilities seeking open employment. Placed 205 job seekers in open employment.  


    Employment Support Programme Training


    Provided 473 training places to help increase the employability of job seekers with disabilities.






    Schemes, Grants and Social Support




    Specialised Case Management  Programme


    Offered case management, counselling and a range of social support to clients and their caregivers.


    SPD Education Programme


    Disbursed about $95,000 to 90 students as bursaries and awarded $20,000 in grants to four SPD Youth Aspiration Award recipients.


    Youth Development Programme


    Trained and mentored youths with disabilities to enable them to champion social causes and give back to the society.


    I.M Powered


    Conducted workshops and training for students with disabilities and their caregivers to increase their mental resilience.




    Administered APB Foundation and Microsoft Singapore’s scholarship programmes that supported students with disabilities in their educational pursuits.






    SPD Therapy Hub


    92 therapists supported 52 programmes including those offered by SPD.






    Specialised Assistive Technology Centre


    Conducted 340 assessments and 636 training sessions to help persons with disabilities overcome their physical limitations through assistive technology. The centre included an AT loan facility.






    Training and Consultancy Services


    Provided training in early intervention and support for people with disabilities in different care settings.  Also offered disability and accessibility-related training to those working with people with disabilities.






    Support Services




    Administrative Support




    Advocacy/Public Education









    Human Resource



    IT Support



    Organisational Development







    Volunteer Management




    Specialised Transport Services

    (operations outsourced to a third party operator)








    Total Staff







    *This number is not by episode but is the absolute number of clients helped who may receive service from more than one programme.

    **Although provision of this service has been outsourced to a transport operator for greater efficiency, SPD still raises funds to provide transport subsidies for the clients.


    SPD Staff Distribution

    A team of professional and direct service staff help run the various programmes and services for our clients. These include physiotherapists, occupational therapists, speech therapists, assistive technology specialists, training officers and social workers. The remaining staff provide indirect service such as HR, IT, office admin, finance and fundraising support. Though they do not deal directly with clients, they provide critical support for the smooth operation of the organisation. SPD's full time staff is well augmented by 4,190 dedicated volunteers with different skills, talents and experiences and who selflessly contributed more than 22,856 man hours.


    In FY2016/2017, SPD served 9,400* clients, with a staff strength of 335.

    *of which 5,500 were unique individuals


    Salary Range of SPD Staff

    The following table shows the annual salary banding for our top 3 executives for FY2016/2017:


    Annual Basic Salary Range No. of Executives
    $100,001 - $200,000 2
    $200,001 - $300,000 1

     *Annual remuneration includes salary, bonus, allowance and employers' CPF


    GST Information

    SPD is a GST registered trader. All goods and services rendered by us would be subject to GST. Our registration no. is M90356208J.