SPD Awarded Three-Year CARF Accreditation for its Community-Based Outpatient Medical Rehabilitation Programmes

SINGAPORE, 27 June 2016 – SPD, a voluntary welfare organisation that helps individuals with disabilities, has been awarded a three-year accreditation by the Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities (CARF) International. This accreditation, which was awarded to SPD for its therapy programmes, namely the Continuing Therapy Programme (CTP) and SPD Rehabilitation Centres, makes SPD Singapore’s first outpatient medical rehabilitation centre for children and adults to receive the accreditation.
CARF International is one of the most established international accreditation bodies for community rehabilitation programmes. Over the past year, SPD has undergone a rigorous peer review process, comprising an internal examination of its programmes and on-site visits, to ascertain that its programmes and services conformed to a series of rigorous and internationally-recognised CARF standards. Both corporate and clinical functions were strengthened through the process.
“We are elated to have been awarded the three-year accreditation, which is the highest accreditation possible. The SPD team has worked tirelessly over the years to put in place processes to better serve our clients. Achieving the stringent CARF standards shows that we are on the right track in our journey to be client-centric,” said Mr Abhimanyau Pal, Executive Director, SPD.
“This is a significant achievement. We hope this will give confidence not only to people with disabilities and their families whom we serve, but also to the community such as our partners, donors, supporters and the public. SPD is committed to delivering the best care in partnership with the community, and to uphold the trust placed in us.” he added.
SPD’s pursuit of the CARF accreditation was supported by the National Council of Social Service (NCSS).
Said its Deputy Chief Executive Officer, Ms Tina Hung: “In the past few years, NCSS has invested into helping social service organisations enhance their capabilities. SPD’s attainment of the CARF accreditation for the two programmes is a testament of our commitment to enable and empower the sector. We are proud of what SPD has achived through CARF – offering programmes and services with service quality that meets stringent international benchmarks.”
SPD adopts a holistic approach when rendering help to people with disabilities. This is in line with its vision to build an inclusive community where everyone is a part of it, and not apart from it. The CTP, which offers speech and occupational therapy services to children 18 years old and below, is offered at SPD Ability Centre and SPD@Tampines. Last year, the programme supported 162 children and youth.
The SPD Rehabilitation Centres, which offer physiotherapy and occupational therapy to adults and the elderly with neurological, orthopaedic, and other medical and surgical conditions as well as those with congenital disabilities, are located at SPD Ability Centre and SPD@Toa Payoh. The two rehabilitation centres supported 360 individuals with disabilities last year.
“My daughter’s housekeeper used to accompany me for my therapy sessions. I had to be on wheelchair because of the long walk. I am happy that I am now able to walk confidently on my own to the therapy centre from my daughter’s house. And I am very much looking forward to returning to my own home. With SPD, I know I can.” said 75-year-old Madam Koh Giap Eng, who injured her knees and goes to the Rehabilitation Centre at SPD@Toa Payoh for physiotherapy an occupational therapy.
“The staff do a fantastically good job. They know what they are doing, and give instructions on the proper things to do and things not to do. They are always ready to advise and train in therapy related matters,” echoed 86-year-old Mr Edwin Paul Armstrong who attends physiotherapy and occupational therapy sessions at the Rehabilitation Centre at SPD Ability Centre.
Madam Michelle Tng whose 13-year-old daughter attends the CTP at SPD@Tampines said: “The therapists have been very helpful and supportive throughout our time with the programme. My child has improved in her language understanding and comprehension.”
Another parent, Madam Elaine Escorial, whose 7-year-old son was diagnosed with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder and receives intervention through the CTP, said: “The therapy session that my son has been attending has been a very good experience not just for him, but for us parents too. My son has shown tremendous improvement. Though he still sometimes throws tantrums, he can handle it better than before. He knows how to stop and think before he act. When he is upset, he knows how to control his mood. We can never thank Teacher Grazel enough for this wonderful experience and help she’s providing my son.”
SPD’s therapy–based programmes, such as the CTP and the SPD Rehabilitation Centres, also offer support in other areas such as assistive technology and caregiver training, to help people with disabilities ease into mainstream society.