Author: Gordon Ho

10 ideas for Valentine’s Day
With so many ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day, we share these 10 simple ideas which can make the day that bit more special.
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Welcoming the new year
A few of our Day Activity Centre clients share what they are grateful for in 2022, and their wishes for 2023.
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Safe Purchase and Use of PMAs
The ease of purchase of PMAs from unaccredited sellers is a cause for worry as they may not meet the necessary safety regulations, and the sellers may not provide proper [...]
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Asia Pacific Breweries Foundation awards scholarships to three outstanding students with disabilities
Three outstanding students with disabilities were awarded the Asia Pacific Breweries Foundation Scholarship for Persons with Disabilities.
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Get to Know Our team This Professionals’ Day
Team SPD comprises of professionals with different skills from different backgrounds. We bring out each other’s strengths and work as a team to enable our clients to realise their full [...]
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A Letter to My Students
Mr Wong Zi Heng is an educator and a member of SPD’s Services Committee. This Teachers’ Day, he shares a heartfelt letter to his students.
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Bilingualism: Facts, Myths, and Tips
SPD speech therapist Alyssa Teo dispels myths associated with bilingualism and provides tips on how parents can help their child pick up another language
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Using Functional Electrical Stimulation (FES) Cycling in Restorative Therapy for Persons with Mobility Challenges
Functional electrical stimulation involves sending low-current electrical pulses via electrodes on paralysed or deconditioned muscles to produce muscle contractions during a purposeful movement, such as stepping, cycling and walking, or [...]
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In the Kitchen with the One-Handed Baker
Even though Kelvin used to cook prior to his stroke and knows his way around the kitchen, having to bake now with just one hand posed several new challenges.
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“Dad, thank you for taking care of me”
For the past 24 years, 84-year-old Mr Low Chai Huat has been caring for his son Terance who is dependent on him for most activities of daily living. While the [...]
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