Launch of Groceries for Charity by Caltex – Speech by Mr See Cher

Mr Heng Chee How, Mayor, Central Singapore Community Development Council and Minister of State, Ministry of Trade and Industry and National Development

Mr Bob Hakim, Vice President, Asia Pacific, Chevron Corporation

Ms Claire Chiang, President, Singapore Compact

Ladies and gentlemen.

Good morning.


1. Caltex is a valued partner of SPD. Since 2002, Caltex has been supporting the SPD Education Programme through fundraising activities at the Caltex Masters. To-date, Caltex has contributed more than $190,000 to the SPD Education Programme, helping disabled students and students with physically disabled parent(s). The SPD Education Programme provides financial awards and social services to these students and aims to level the playing field for the students as they work towards carving a better future for themselves.

2. This morning, as we gather to witness the launch of the Caltex Groceries for Charity community service project, we also celebrate the enhanced partnership between Caltex and SPD. Caltex has gone beyond fundraising, into an area that directly touches the lives of our clients.

3. Taking a proactive stand, Caltex staff held many meetings with SPD staff to better understand our needs and operations. After months of brain storming sessions and discussion, I am pleased to say that Caltex’s effort has successfully added another service for our clients through the setup of the Groceries for Charity programme.

4. You can see that Groceries for Charity did not happen by chance; it was a deliberate initiative by Caltex to involve its staff in a more meaningful way with SPD. It was a sincere gesture of wishing to go beyond indirect support of fundraising to extend support and help to a more direct and personal level.

5. Groceries for Charity is thus more than just a physical delivery of some staples to homes. I understand the staff will order, pack and deliver groceries regularly to our clients. I also understand that staff are encouraged to take time off from work to participate in this programme.

6. As volunteers, Caltex staff will certainly bring with them more than just physical goodies. The groceries will be packed with friendship, affection and warmth for our clients.

7. As of today, there are 116 households with at least a member in the family who has a physical disability who will benefit from the Groceries for Charity programme. Among the 116 households, there are some who rely entirely on charitable contributions and others whose breadwinners hold low-income jobs. They have a combined household income of less than $1,000.

8. The Groceries for Charity programme is therefore a service much welcomed by our clients as it would help to meet some of the basic needs thus easing some financial burdens. For those who have severe physical disabilities, the inconvenience of having to make the trip to a supermarket/shop is also minimized.

9. We are very grateful to Caltex for the warm support shown to the clients of SPD. Caltex has taken community service a step further by engaging its employees in the realm of touching lives. I commend Caltex for its corporate social responsibility approach which we hope many more will emulate.

10. On behalf of all the recipients of the groceries, my sincerest thanks to Caltex management for embarking on this programme. To the Caltex staff volunteers, I hope you will find meaning and fulfillment in participating in this programme and form lasting friendship with our clients.