Experiential Learning from Outside the Classroom

Teachers from the Building Bridges EIPIC Centre lined up several experiential learning activities outside of the classroom the past two months. We take a look at all the fun learning [...]

Teachers from the Building Bridges EIPIC Centre lined up several experiential learning activities outside of the classroom the past two months. We take a look at all the fun learning the children had.

Aqua Therapy Returns for a Second Run

Aqua therapy was first introduced to three EIPIC clients in May 2015 with much success. The programme made a comeback this April with the participation of 19 children. The children were selected by a team of physiotherapists and EIPIC teachers based on their suitability and needs.

The aqua therapy sessions will be held once a month at the Civil Service Club in Bukit Batok, till the end of the year and was conducted by physiotherapists S. Chandrasekaran and Gerda de Jong, and EIPIC teacher Sha’dah Suib.

In the water, a child is able to move freely which helps relax tight muscles and improve the range of motion and flexibility. The resistance of the water also helps strengthen all of the body’s muscles and improves both balance and endurance.

Madam Zarifah Bakar was glad to have enrolled her daughter Eliliyah Zara into the programme.

“We are pleased with the aqua therapy. Zara enjoyed her water session and I believe that more sessions will help to improve her condition. Teacher Chandru and Teacher Sha’dah have been of great help to these children and they were very patient. Our heartfelt gratitude to them. Thank you,” she said.

Field Trip to West Coast Park

EIPIC caregivers were invited to go on a field trip with their children on 25 April. Held for three different groups from SPD@Jurong and SPD Ability Centre, the aim of the outing to West Coast Park was to help caregivers understand their children’s gross motor developmental milestones and how outdoor play can enhance a child’s strength, endurance, agility and flexibility. The caregivers also drew tips on how to tap on places in the community to enhance their child’s gross motor skills.

EIPIC teacher Odron Peachy Jean Dellera says of the field trip, “The trip was a good chance for the children to practise gross motor skills they acquired in the centre. It was also a good opportunity for the parents and caregivers to see that even if their children have mobility issues they can still enjoy the things that a typically developing child is relishing in.”

A week prior to the outing, an educational talk focusing on play was conducted for the participants. In the hour-long talk, SPD’s physiotherapists S. Chandrasekaran and Gerda de Jong shared the importance of play, its benefits and places in the community that facilitate play. They also introduced various play equipment and gave caregivers ideas for outdoor play.

“Parents and caregivers may not be aware of the various play possibilities in their community. We hope this talk would empower them to use play to help their child develop certain skills and, at the same time, bond with each other,” said Winnie Lim, Manager, SPD@Jurong.

Water Play at Garden Plaza Playground

EIPIC teachers from SPD@Jurong brought nine children to the Garden Plaza playground at IMM for an afternoon of water play on 13 May.

Water play is a fun activity that encourages children to develop a multitude of skills. The teachers and caregivers worked on helping the children develop their hand-eye co-ordination through the actions of pouring, squeezing, and stirring of water. Activities such as hopping through a sprinkler also helped to strengthen their gross motor skills. In addition, the children’s sensory experience was enhanced as they felt with their hands and learnt about different textures.

“Many children enjoy playing in water and our children are no different. Not only do such outdoor activities make learning interesting, they also give their caregivers the opportunity to participate and play a part in their child’s intervention journey,”

said teacher Sha’dah Suib.