How TechnipFMC Supports Local Communities in Developing Social and Economic Sustainability

Read on to find out how our long-time supporter TechnipFMC has journeyed with us in supporting persons with disabilities.

Avid participants of SPD’s signature fundraising event – the SPD Ability Walk, would be no stranger to TechnipFMC.

A global leader in the energy industry, TechnipFMC has lived up to its belief in sustainability by supporting and engaging with local communities, in order to develop social and economic self-sustainability.

TechnipFMC has been a major supporter of the Walk since 2016, and was instrumental in 2020 when the event had to be held virtually due to the COVID-19 situation. Members of the TechnipFMC Quality Life Club readily offered suggestions to help increase online engagements and attract more corporate support.

Representatives from TechnipFMC receiving a trophy
43 TechnipFMC staff clocked a total distance of 1,879.88km for the SPD Ability Walk & Run 2021, earning them the event’s Corporate Challenge trophy.

Since 2006, TechnipFMC has donated a total of $570,000 to SPD to support persons with disabilities and their caregivers. It has also provided helping hands, galvanising its staff to volunteer with us. For instance, TechnipFMC provided much-needed manpower at the SPD Ability Walk & Run events, and also helped to raise funds and awareness of our cause among its staff on SPD Flag Days.

Its steadfast commitment stems from a fundamentally empathetic belief in making a positive impact in the communities where its people live and work.

“[We have a] staunch belief that we must remain wholeheartedly committed to the charitable organisations who we have chosen to partner,” said Mr Ganesan Alagappan, Director, People & Culture at TechnipFMC.

Describing SPD as “a genuine and professional charitable organisation that serves the pressing needs of Singapore society,” Mr Alagappan added that the support given is in line with TechnipFMC’s pursuit of its Corporate Social Responsibility via “direct financial contributions and active employee volunteerism.”

This unswerving support is especially critical in a time when fundraising has become increasingly challenging. Physical fundraising activities have been abruptly curtailed during the pandemic, while the needs of our beneficiaries have ballooned, as their families become impacted by the gloomy economic conditions.

Beyond its generous financial contributions, employees at TechnipFMC sent us messages of hope, kindness, and reassurance in this trying time. “Most of our employees are self-driven in their interest to want to contribute to charity organisations,” said Mr Alagappan. “[TechnipFMC] also creates a fair bit of awareness, and [there is] visible senior management support for these noble initiatives.”

“TechnipFMC’s contribution helps to ensure that no matter how difficult the situation, our clients are not denied therapy or any form of help when they need it. It will also help to cover the additional costs arising from the implementation of safe management measures. For instance, frequent cleaning of common areas and equipping staff with protective gear and masks. This will enable us to ensure safety and wellbeing of all as we continue to serve our clients,” said Ms Helen Tay, Assistant Director for Resource Development.

Cheque presentation ceremony at a charity walk event
Cheque presentation at the SPD Ability Walk & Run 2019

Grateful for the long-term partnership with TechnipFMC, SPD’s Chief Executive Officer Mr Abhimanyau Pal said: “All of us at SPD can’t thank the management and staff of TechnipFMC enough for the many years of good-hearted support. They are not just a corporate donor but a close friend who have journeyed with us in our work towards improving the lives of people with disabilities in Singapore.”

“For so many years, TechnipFMC chose to support us in the background, giving without fanfare. Instead, they insisted that we channel our resources into our core work to serve more persons with disabilities. Such altruistic giving can be observed at all their levels of staff and speaks to a positive culture that genuinely values sustainability,” he added.

Beyond SPD, TechnipFMC also donated to Guide Dog Singapore (GDS) Ltd, their other adopted beneficiary. Their donation has enabled GDS to reach out to help more people with visual impairment and their families to enhance their quality of life as well as to achieve their fullest potential.

Encouraging other corporate entities to also do a part in making a positive difference in the community, Mr Alagappan said: “Just as corporations have a moral responsibility to actively do their part in preserving and improving the well-being of our physical environment, so do they have an equally important social responsibility to financially and physically contribute to charitable causes that address the most relevant needs of the communities in which they operate.”

We are thankful to TechnipFMC for their strong dedication to our cause and support towards persons with disabilities, and look forward to more good years to come.