Putting the Right Foot Forward With Coty Volunteers

Coty volunteers help SPD clients to brush up on their resumes as well as help them put their best foot forward with a free makeover

Coty volunteers help SPD clients to brush up on their resumes as well as help them put their best foot forward with a free makeover.

A team of eight volunteers from leading global beauty company Coty consisting of make-up artists, photographers and human resource professionals was at the SPD Ability Centre on 7 March to review the résumés and conduct photoshoots for 10 clients from the SPD Employment Support Programme (ESP).

Leveraging on their expertise, they helped the clients improve on their résumés and present their best with a makeover and photoshoot to increase their chances in job searches.

Makeover Session

Besides make-up for the ladies and light touch-ups for the gentlemen, the Coty make-up artistes also styled the clients’ hair to complete the makeover.

Clients getting her make-up done before the photoshoot by a Coty volunteer.


With their make-up and hair done, the photoshoot was the next stop. The photographers worked patiently with the clients in order to capture them at their best in the photographs. These photographs can then be used in the clients’ résumés.

A client positioning for a photo by the Coty professionals.

Résumé Review

Clients also had a one-on-one session with Coty’s HR business partner, Ms May He. She reviewed their résumés and coached them on ways to improve them to increase their chances of landing job interviews and eventually a job.

“The experienced Coty professionals assisted me in brushing up my résumé,” said Mr Muhammad Syafi’ie bin Mohamad Roslan, a client with profound hearing loss. “I am excited to find a job,” he added.

Clients undergoing a short résumé review session with Coty’s HR personnel

The session supplemented the training and coaching that the employment support team provides our job-seeking clients.

“Such initiatives are valuable and the lessons taught will benefit our clients greatly in their job search. We are grateful to the Coty team for investing their time to give our clients the boost they need in this journey,” said Elizabeth Chua, senior employment support specialist.

As part of their ongoing voluntary efforts, Coty will be back to SPD in April to conduct another session for a different batch of clients.

“Thank you, SPD, for giving us this opportunity to volunteer. It is a very meaningful experience for us to be able to help the clients look good for their résumé. Although the sessions are not long, it is very heart-warming to see them opening up to us through the friendly interactions and most importantly, achieving our aim of making a difference in their lives. We want to wish them all the best and we hope to work with SPD again in the future,” said Ms Tsu Ching Hsia, a researcher from Coty’s Resource and Development department.