SPD Contact Centre | Serving with an Inclusive Heart

Discover SPD Contact Centre, where we provide exceptional customer service, training, and employment opportunities for persons with disabilities.

Discover SPD Contact Centre, where we provide exceptional customer service, training, and employment opportunities for persons with disabilities.

Serving with an Inclusive Heart

Mr Mohaimin receiving his award at the CCAS International Contact Centre Awards 2023

At 58 years old and diagnosed with low vision, Mr Mohaimin is a champion role model through and through. The first time he was assigned as a customer service agent at SPD Contact Centre, he warmly interacted with over 200 customers in not one, not two, but five languages he is fluent in. A true professional, it comes as no surprise then that he was presented the Bronze award for Best Contact Centre Customer Service Professional at the recent CCAS International Contact Centre Awards 2023.

But this isn’t just a story of professional triumph. Mr Mohaimin’s achievement embodies the very essence of SPD Contact Centre’s mission: empowering individuals with disabilities.

Mr Mohaimin’s journey, like many others, was far from a smooth, straightforward path. It was marked by the challenges that often accompany life as a person with disabilities.

However, being visually impaired does not deter Mr Mohaimin from holding down a stable job or being a valuable employee. In fact, it is often these very challenges that fuel the drive and determination to make a difference in society.

Despite the hurdles he faces, Mr Mohaimin’s dedication to his work and commitment to providing exceptional customer service remains resolute. His story serves as a gentle but powerful reminder that being a person with a disability is not a barrier to contributing to a cause with passion and unwavering devotion. It goes beyond professional recognition – it’s a testament to his unwavering commitment to delivering outstanding customer service. In the grand scheme of the CCAS International Contact Centre Awards, his award symbolises the beacon of excellence that SPD Contact Centre represents.

SPD Contact Centre: A Catalyst for Change

A trainer with an SPD Contact Centre staff

There is an entire community of persons with disabilities like Mr Mohaimin, and the SPD Contact Centre provides an opportunity for not only employment but also to give back to the community by providing top-tier service.

SPD Contact Centre isn’t just a workplace; it’s a place of transformation.

First established in September 2022, the centre offers tailored training and employment opportunities for individuals with disabilities in the contact centre industry. The SPD Contact Centre’s vision is simple: everyone deserves the opportunity to shine. The centre’s training programmes and the guidance of industry veterans who mentor and support persons with disabilities are instrumental in achieving this vision.

The SPD Contact Centre focuses on inclusivity and empowerment, rewriting the narrative for persons with disabilities. Rather than having disabilities, they have different abilities and are professionals in their line of work. Despite being only a year old, SPD Contact Centre’s active presence is very much felt, enjoying much-deserved love and support from various organisations in Singapore.

Empowering Through Employment

The impact of SPD Contact Centre transcends the workplace. By providing training and employment opportunities for persons with disabilities, it goes beyond being a source of income. The improvement in the self-esteem and self-confidence of its employees changes their lives in the process. The positive social implications are immense. It demonstrates that persons with disabilities not only contribute to society but also serve as an inspiration to others.

In today’s competitive business world, it’s not just about profits; it’s also about purpose. Companies that partner with SPD Contact Centre gain far more than just customer service. They align themselves with a cause that champions inclusivity, diversity, and empowerment.

SPD Contact Centre excels in providing quality customer service. Our workforce, consisting of persons with disabilities, is known for its dedication and empathy, creating genuine connections with customers. Partnering with the centre can lead to cost savings as their operational costs are often more competitive than other service providers.

Those seeking flexibility can find a solution with SPD Contact Centre. Whether it comes to outsourcing or insourcing, we adapt to meet diverse needs.

A partnership with the centre offers not just practical benefits but also reflects a commitment to enhancing Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) credentials. In the contemporary corporate sphere, where corporate social responsibility has taken centrestage, SPD Contact Centre’s mission harmonises effortlessly with these core values.

An Invitation to Collaborate

In an era where businesses are increasingly embracing the tenets of social responsibility and inclusive practices, SPD Contact Centre stands out as an exemplar of such ideals. As we celebrate Mr Mohaimin’s well-deserved accolade, this is a heartfelt invitation to corporations and companies to consider forming partnerships with the centre for their customer service requirements. The advantages of such a collaboration are not only palpable but also meaningful. SPD Contact Centre champions excellent customer service, cost-efficiency, and a deep sense of purpose. By choosing to explore potential collaboration opportunities with SPD Contact Centre, you not only enhance the operational efficiency of your business but also actively participate in a transformative movement that empowers individuals with disabilities to shine

To explore collaboration opportunities with SPD Contact Centre, visit our website for more info or to connect with the dedicated team. Together, we can create a compassionate and more inclusive future.