UNLABEL people with disabilities today

UNLABEL – A Public Education Campaign by SPD to Change Attitudes

Think about the last time you interacted with or met a person with a disability. Did you immediately reach a conclusion about them? Share your honest responses to these questions to contribute to a better understanding of societal perspectives on inclusion. Your privacy is important therefore all responses are anonymous.

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Negative attitudes or perceived negative ones towards persons with disabilities can become a barrier towards the inclusion of persons with disabilities in the community. The insecurities that people with disabilities feel about how they are perceived are exacerbated by society’s attitudes and perceptions of them. Persons with disabilities are sometimes viewed as having limited capabilities and contributions to society, whereas in reality, there are many who have defied stereotypes and continue to lead very meaningful and fulfilling lives.

Since 2018 and in conjunction with the International Day of Persons with Disabilities (IDPD) on 3 December each year, SPD’s public education campaign, ‘UNLABEL,’ challenges existing stereotypes, misconceptions, and prejudices against persons with disabilities. Through this campaign, we strives to encourage the public to change perceptions and attitudes towards persons with disabilities—to UNLABEL them—by highlighting the achievements of those who have defied stereotypes.

Meet the UNLABEL 2023 ambassadors

Moza in a pink dress looking cheerful
Kee Choon and his wife Ziying smiling broadly. Kee Choon is holding on to his pair of crutches whereas Ziying has her arms on his shoulders and resting her head on his.
Alwyn is seated in his wheelchair, smiling broadly