June 2018

Integrating People With Disabilities Into the Workforce
A recent survey found that inclusion of people with disabilities was the biggest issue in the workplace, despite many having the relevant qualifications to work effectively.
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Engage Your Child in Play with O.W.L Strategy
Parents facing difficulties with engaging their child in play with others may follow the OWL strategy. OWL stands for Observe, Wait and Listen, and it is a helpful guideline when [...]
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Caregivers Encouraged to Have More ‘Me Time’
A parent support group conducted at SPD@Bedok covers the importance of ‘Me Time’ for caregivers. They provide opportunities to foster mutual support and exchange ideas on self-care, so that caregivers [...]
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A Single Defeat Is Never a Final Defeat: Alan Gwee Swee Phin
Alan Gwee Swee Pin had suffered a stroke, and the loss of feeling in his left hand prevented him from continuing his successful career at a Michelin star restaurant.
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In Memory of Mr K V Veloo
SPD is deeply saddened by the passing of Mr K V Veloo on 1 June 2018. Mr Veloo was an honoured member of SPD’s Management Committee from 1996 to 2004.
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