November 2019

Behind the Scenes – What Goes Behind the Assembling of Race Packs
Our Sheltered Workshop programme have packed and delivered more than 141,000 race packs for 13 runs and walks this year. Find out more on what goes on in the workshop [...]
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How to Enhance Your Child’s Gross Motor Skills
What are some of the activities that can help enhance your child's gross motor skills? Find out more from SPD’s physiotherapists, Natalia Szukalska and La Min Maung.
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In Conversation with Avid Supporter – Tony Gui
Mr Tony Gui is the Chairman of the Social Impact Committee of Hewlett Packard Enterprise Singapore (HPE). We find out from him how his volunteering journey with SPD began.
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Plucky Avengers Assemble!
Plucky Avengers assemble! For the fourth year, Hewlett Packard Enterprise and SPD formed a joint contingent at the Purple Parade. Read more of the fun day here.
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Beat Diabetes
14 November is World Diabetes Day. Let’s take a look at who are at risk of having diabetes and what are some ways to mitigate these risks.
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Four Reasons to Still Send Greeting Cards
E-mails and instant messaging platforms have made greetings on birthdays or festive occasions so much easier, but here are some reasons why we think sending out printed greeting cards is [...]
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