August 2022

A Letter to My Students
Mr Wong Zi Heng is an educator and a member of SPD’s Services Committee. This Teachers’ Day, he shares a heartfelt letter to his students.
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Bilingualism: Facts, Myths, and Tips
SPD speech therapist Alyssa Teo dispels myths associated with bilingualism and provides tips on how parents can help their child pick up another language
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Wheelchair user looks to fulfilling a long-held dream at this year’s SPD Ability Walk &…
A viral infection to the brain which happened after training for a charity run 24 years ago upended Terance's life. After a two-week coma, Terance woke up to find that [...]
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What does Singapore mean to you?
In celebration of our nation’s 57th birthday, we asked some of our clients, caregivers and volunteers to share their thoughts about what Singapore meant to them.
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