June 2021

Stroke Survivor Learns to Cycle Again
During one of his rehabilitation sessions, Rayson, a stroke survivor thought how nice it would be if he could cycle again. However, it was a challenge as his sense of [...]
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A Father’s Reflection
To many of us, our father is a source of strength and someone we look up to, amongst many other amazing things. This Father’s Day, Mr Rajendran shares with us [...]
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Hearing Loss Not Stopping Youth from Leading a Fulfilling Life
A passionate advocate for the deaf, youth leader in the Boy’s Brigade (BB), and an avid sports enthusiast. These are some of the hats worn by 21-year-old Elliot Teng, one [...]
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Stay-Home Activity: 3 DIY Resources to Enliven Your Child’s Learning
With extended periods of home-based learning, parents may have run out of ideas to keep their children engaged at home. Fret not as our teachers at the SPD Building Bridges [...]
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Is My Child Ready for Toilet Training? (Part 2)
In the previous article, “Is My Child Ready for Toilet Training? (Part 1)”, SPD’s occupational therapist, Jahzeel Ann Adan Eleazar, introduced toilet training and some common barriers that affect it. [...]
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Is My Child Ready for Toilet Training? (Part 1)
Training your child to use the toilet is an exciting milestone for both child and parent alike. In this first of the two-part series, SPD’s occupational therapist Jahzeel Ann Adan [...]
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