July 2021

Helping Caregivers of Persons with Special Needs Manage COVID-19 Protocols
People with special needs and their caregivers may have encountered challenges when complying with certain COVID-19 tests and protocols. Here are some pre-emptive measures which can help make some situations [...]
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Preparing Your Child for a Swab Test
As more children may be receiving swab tests as part of the Government’s effort to identify and ringfence potential exposure to keep everyone safe, SPD’s occupational therapist, Genevieve Ng, shares [...]
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Applying for Financial Assistance – Understanding Means Test and Activities of Daily Living
Financial assistance schemes and grants are available for families that are financially strapped. The percentage that a family is qualified for is usually pegged against results taken from Means Testing [...]
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The Importance of Regular Dental Visits to People with Disabilities
It is crucial for persons with disabilities and their caregivers to understand the importance of routine dental check-ups. This is especially so as regular oral hygiene practices and dental visits [...]
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Youth Provides Companionship to the Elderly in COVID-19 Times
During the circuit breaker last year, Ms P Santhia chanced upon SPD’s appeal for volunteer befrienders. Keen to do her part for the community, she reached out to register her [...]
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To My 20-Year-Old Self (Youth Day Special)
To mark Youth Day which falls on 4 July this year, we invite our social worker Chia Xin Yi to pen a letter to her younger self.
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