April 2017

Celebrating Every Truimph Together – Gan Boon Leong
Many would agree that 45 years is a long time to be working in an organisation. Mr Gan Boon Leong, 68, a master craftsman at SPD’s Sheltered Workshop, received his [...]
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Second SPD Charity Golf Raises $300,000 for People with Disabilities
SPD turned half of the 18-hole golf course at Raffles Country Club into an interesting obstacle course for 112 golfers who turned up to support our second charity golf tournament [...]
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Alternatives to Screen Time for Children
Parents handing over their mobile devices to their children to keep them quiet or occupied is a common sight these days. However, excessive use of this method for short-term peace [...]
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A Review of 2 Popular Handheld Video Magnifiers
This write up is to introduce two popular Low Vision devices that are available at TechAble. Handheld video magnifiers are handy, portable and bring benefits to people with visually impairment. Readers [...]
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Pushrim-Activated Power-Assist Wheelchairs (PAPAWs)
PAPAWs require users to stroke the handrims to activate small, lighter weight motors, which then drive the wheels for brief periods of time (seconds). Find out more about Clair Toh's [...]
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AAC By The Bay (remote hosting) : Insights from Day 1
The AAC By The Bay (remote hosting) event is jointly organised by TechAble (Enabling Village) and Speech and Language Therapy Singapore (SALTS). So far, over 20 therapists, teachers and other [...]
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Golfers take on one-hand putting, hole-in-bucket and other novelty challenges at the SPD Charity Golf…
Golfers at Raffles County Club last Friday afternoon wondered about the 40 blue and red tubs surrounding Hole 2 of the golf course. They were even more surprised to see [...]
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Upcoming Event: AAC By The Bay (Remote Hosting in Sunny Singapore!)
Our team at TechAble, together with SALTS (Speech and Language Therapists Singapore) will be hosting this event. It will feature overseas (via video streaming) and local AAC experts and practitioners. [...]
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Screen Time and Children
As digital technologies increasingly become tools that we use at work and home, children inevitably seek to emulate this usage. Although technology has educational and other benefits for children, how [...]
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MOLLY Goes to SPD@Jurong!
SPD@Jurong, which offers the Early Intervention Programme for Infants and Children (EIPIC), collaborated with the National Library Board to bring mobile library bus MOLLY to the centre so that our [...]
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