September 2021

How a Woman Turned Her Adversity into an Opportunity to Help Others
Charlene’s career as a video director was thrown off-course when a fall caused a burst fracture that shattered her L3 vertebrae. Read about Charlene's recovery at SPD's TTE and how [...]
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How To Be Grateful When Things Are Rough
When people are grateful for what they have, they can experience happiness and peace in their lives. However, cultivating gratitude can sometimes be hard when we experience difficulties in life. [...]
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Supporting your Child’s Second-language Learning
Learning a second language presents many benefits and practical advantages. However, with more people using English as their main language, children have lower motivation and fewer opportunities to gain proficiency [...]
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Turning Her Life Around After Stroke Hit Her at 38
A stroke at 38 robbed Jane of a promotion at her former workplace. Doctors had also advised her family to send her to a nursing home. To celebrate SPD’s Professionals’ [...]
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