May 2016

Celebrating Life’s Every Triumph Together – Ng Mei Ching
41-year-old Ng Mei Ching was working in a global financial services company as an assistant vice-president when a motor vehicle incident in 2011 robbed her of her motor functions from [...]
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Furry Friends Delight the Elderly at SPD@Toa Payoh
The interaction with gentle and friendly pets is said to benefit mankind greatly. In many cases, pet therapy sessions can improve physical health as the act of petting produces an [...]
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Experiential Learning from Outside the Classroom
Teachers from the Building Bridges EIPIC Centre lined up several experiential learning activities outside of the classroom the past two months. We take a look at all the fun learning [...]
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Important definitions you should familiarise yourself with.
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AT Team
AT teams are usually very different and individualised. Most of the times, teams are formed with members from different disciplines for a wider information base and different viewpoints.
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Welcome to the Inclusive Tech Portal
This online resource provides practical information on how technology can overcome limitations of disabilities so that individuals are empowered to function at their full potential.
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Before beginning an Assistive Technology (AT) intervention, it is important to have a framework of practice. The framework provides a structure which guides the AT implementation process, one of which [...]
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Meet the Specialised ATC Team
The Inclusive Technology Portal is managed by a team of specialists who are trained and specialise in various areas of Assistive Technology (AT) and Digital Inclusion.
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The main funding Agency for Assistive Technology is SG Enable. The relevant schemes include Assistive Technology Fund (ATF), Special Assistance Fund (SAF), Computer Access Fund (CAF) and Traffic Accident Fund (TAF).
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Technology for Computer Access
Computer Access Assistive Technology provide access so that people with disabilities can have access to computers and the connectivity they provide.
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