April 2016

Celebrating Life’s Every Triumph Together – Fang Zhi’s Invisible Disability
All parties play a part in enabling a child with special needs - the system, parents, the public, as well as the child himself.
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Letter on Promoting Inclusive Outdoor Education
Acting Education Minister (Schools) Mr Ng Chee Meng recently announced in Parliament that, as part of the National Outdoor Adventure Education Masterplan, all students will get to participate in three [...]
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SPD Conducts Disability Awareness Training for Tower Transit Bus Captains
Looking to create a better experience for their commuters, Singapore’s third local bus operator Tower Transit invited SPD to conduct a disability awareness workshop for their bus captains on 27 [...]
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Inaugural SPD Charity Golf Raises $240,000 Thanks to Strong Support from Corporate Partners
The inaugural SPD Charity Golf, held at the Raffles Country Club on 22 April, saw close to 30 companies coming together to raise more than $240,000 through sponsorship of golf [...]
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SPD’s Inaugural Charity Golf Tournament Raises Over $240,000 to Benefit People with Disabilities
SPD organised its first charity golf tournament last Friday at the Raffles Country Club with strong support from the business community. Close to 30 companies came together to raise more [...]
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SPD Welcomes Ms Ong Toon Hui to the Board of Management
We extend a warm welcome to Ms Ong Toon Hui who joined SPD’s Board of Management on 14 March 2016
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Thank You Everyone for Making the SPD Flag Day 2016 a Success!
45-year-old Tan Li Li, a wheelchair user who has polio, has been a craftsman at SPD’s Sheltered Workshop since 1999. She works as part of a team that creates notebooks [...]
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Caring for Our Caregivers
According to studies, many with caregiving responsibilities have two or more chronic diseases. Therefore, to relieve caregivers of their usual caregiving duties and help release pent-up tension and stress, SPD’s [...]
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Letter on Ensuring Streamlined Support for Children with Special Needs
Early intervention can make a difference to a child’s development, resulting in better outcomes for children with special needs, including better social and daily living skills. In a letter published [...]
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Celebrating Life’s Every Triumph Together – Overee Stephanie Fawcet
She was feeling the jitters as she made her way to the front, her eyes scanning the familiar faces among the audience, friends she met every day at the centre. [...]
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