August 2021

SPD Receives Enabling Mark (Gold) Accreditation
SPD was one of the 88 organisations to receive the Enabling Mark on 27 August 2021, with President Halimah Yacob gracing this inaugural award ceremony. This is a national-level accreditation [...]
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Using Mealtimes to Support Language Development in Children
Parents can acquire and apply evidence-based language strategies that are effective in supporting the language development of young children with language delays. SPD’s speech therapist, Michelle Sim, shares some language [...]
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Disability Etiquette – Respecting Wheelchair Users
Perhaps the only student with a disability in his school back then, Oh Boon Keng is no stranger to insensitivity in his younger days. His recounting of his school life [...]
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Tips for Fresh Graduates Seeking Jobs Amid COVID-19
Sharing some tips for fresh graduates looking to navigate the job-seeking arena are our Employment Support Specialists and Asia Pacific Breweries Foundation scholar Teo Zi Lin, who graduated from the [...]
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Life as a Fresh Graduate Working in a COVID-Stricken World
Graduating during the year that the world was trying to make sense of a pandemic, Asia Pacific Breweries Foundation scholar Teo Zi Lin shares how she managed to navigate job-seeking [...]
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Her Eyes are the Windows to the World
Vivian demonstrates using the eye-gaze system to access her laptop, run her online store, play games and connect with her friends.
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