October 2022

Asia Pacific Breweries Foundation awards scholarships to three outstanding students with disabilities
Three outstanding students with disabilities were awarded the Asia Pacific Breweries Foundation Scholarship for Persons with Disabilities.
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Planning an Accessible Staycation for Wheelchair Users
Planning for a year-end staycation with your loved one with disability or for yourself? Our former Transition to Employment client Mr Tan Hung Bak and his wife share some tips [...]
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Adopt a positive mindset for positive parenting
For most parents, raising a child can be as taxing as it is rewarding. And for some, their parenting journey could be fraught with even more challenges. Mr Raj, a [...]
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When Caregivers Turn to Violence – The Dark Side of Caregivers’ Stress
When caregiving stress is not managed appropriately, there is a possibility of them escalating into unhelpful behaviours such as violence. Our senior social worker Angela explains why caregivers looking after [...]
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