March 2019

Social Work Mythbusters
In conjunction with Social Work Day on 19 March 2019, find out more from our social workers as they debunk some myths about their profession.
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SPD Charity Show 2019 – Behind the Scenes
Our clients stepped out of their comfort zone and into the limelight to showcase their abilities in the SPD Charity Show 2019. Let’s take a look behind the scenes.
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Where Storybook Characters Come to ‘Live’
The children from Building Bridges EIPIC Centres at SPD were elated as storybook characters came to life during a performance-based storytelling workshop. Read more of their excitement here.
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SPD thanks all supporters for contributing to the SPD Charity Show 2019
More than 400 participants, including local and foreign artistes and close to 20 beneficiaries, put in many months of hard work to stage the SPD Charity Show 2019, popularly known [...]
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Children benefiting from EIPIC Under-2s and DS-Plus
SPD piloted the two new programmes, EIPIC Under-2s and Development Support (DS)-Plus. Read more on how Thaen Aiyen and Elijah Lim have improved under the programmes.
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Two New Programmes for Children with Developmental Needs
The Government recently announced two new schemes and additional financial support for families with children with developmental needs. Find out more here.
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Tips for Safe and Healthy Exercise
Engaging in sports will be a lot more enjoyable and beneficial if you do it safely. Physiotherapist Gerda de Jong shares some tips to prevent an injury during sports activities.
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A Step Closer to Their Dreams
The NatSteel-SPD Education Programme Bursary Award has brought 14-year-old Ahmad Refa'ie bin Mahmut and 15-year-old Toh Bo Sheng closer to their dreams. Read more of their story here.
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Service Excellence in All We Do
Meet Alice Hue, senior volunteer management executive, and Nor Jannah binte Muhammad Sabri, senior learning support educator, who make service excellence a part of what they do.
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Little Actions Keep Dreams Alive
SPD Charity Show 2019《SPD真情无障爱》will return to Channel 8 on Sunday, 17 March 2019. Take a look at the excitement at the media conference held on 26 February 2019.
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