March 2018

Celebrating Life’s Every Triumph Together – Mr Tamil and Mr Lim
Mr Tamil and Mr Lim were clients at the Transition to Employment programme (TTE) at SPD.
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Help from Zhenghua Primary School Teachers
More than 30 teachers from Zhenghua Primary School volunteered on a Friday, 9 March, to spend a few hours helping out with packing work and developing teaching materials at the [...]
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Newly Reconstructed Resource Library to Aid Teachers in Lesson Preparation
With the help of Ms Ang Pei Lin, an intern from Ngee Ann Polytechnic, SPD was able to reorganise their library to make it more user friendly.
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Award-winning chefs whip up an unforgettable dining experience for charity
The delectable cuisine that bowled judges over at the Culinary Olympics in Germany two years ago to clinch Singapore double gold, won the hearts and palates of more than 350 [...]
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Putting the Right Foot Forward With Coty Volunteers
Coty volunteers help SPD clients to brush up on their resumes as well as help them put their best foot forward with a free makeover
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A Closer Look: SPD’s Day Activity Centre
A look into SPD’s Day Activity Centre’s facilities and programmes.
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In Conversation with a DAC Training Officer – Thamaraivalli Narayanan
Ms Thamaraivalli Narayanan talks about a day in the life of a DAC training officer and what it takes to become one!
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Utilising Technology to Improve Productivity and Quality of Service
SPD is taking initiatives to boost their IT infrastructure to aid in improving quality of care and to enhance it’s oragnisational productivity.
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How to Cope With the Challenges of Raising Children With Special Needs
A guide to coping with the challenges of raising children with special needs as well as support groups that parents with special needs children can join.
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SPD Youth Aspiration Award Recipient – Joshua Tseng
Joshua Tseng is a young adult who was diagnosed with glaucoma at an early age. He found out that he had a skill in public speaking and went on to [...]
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