September 2013

A Purr-fect Charity Drive
The delightful felines come in four colours, with each representing a different blessing - red for fortune, blue for luck, green for longevity and gold for wealth
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Appreciating Our Caregivers
SPD held its first inaugural caregivers’ event in September 2013. Senior social worker Ms Angela Chung tells Updates the rationale behind the event and the activities planned for the participants.
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Students Who Overcame Adversities And Exemplary Inclusive Employers Honoured At Annual Event
Microsoft YouthSpark scholars with Ms Jessica Tan (right), Managing Director of Microsoft Singapore, and Ms Chia Yong Yong (centre), President of SPD
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Running For A Cause With Exxonmobil
ExxonMobil Asia Pacific's annual charity running carnival, 'Running for a Cause' took place on a balmy 7 September. Organised for their employees and families, the global energy provider designated SPD [...]
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Children with Special Needs – Mouse Training
So, you have assessed a child with special needs for mouse access, and have figured out what can help them. Now what do you do?
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Flip Writer App – A Review
The user can type their messages in the Flip Writer, and the recipient of the message can read it from the other side of the iPad. This allows for face-to-face [...]
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Big Mouse Pointer – A Review
One of the things that we can’t do without when it comes to using the computer is the mouse and its cursor.
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