May 2021

Home Modifications that Make a Difference
After a right above knee amputation last year, moving around at home has become a more arduous task for Mr Jalil Bin Salleh due to accessibility challenges. He is now [...]
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How to Improve Your Child’s Organisational Skills
Children who struggle with being organised often take a long time to find things that are needed or to complete their work, and is unaware of the things that are [...]
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NatSteel Empowerment Awardee Shares Tribute to Mum
Madan has popliteal pterygium syndrome and uses a motorised wheelchair to move around. His mother, Mdm Vejaya, plays a pivotal role in caring for him, ensuring that he grows up [...]
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Youths with Disabilities Share Their Thoughts on Employment (Labour Day Special)
This Labour Day, we hear from two youths with disabilities who shine in their work through their passion, abilities and aspiration.
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