March 2017

SPD Launches Training and Mentorship Programme for Youths with Disabilities
More than 50 social entrepreneurs, corporate philanthropy partners and youth leaders gathered at the Red Box on 18 March to discuss the topic of giving back to the community. Themed [...]
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Caregivers Loosen Up on Wellness Day
Create, Express, Relax - these words were central to the theme for this year’s Caregivers’ Wellness Day organised by SPD’s Community and Social Service Department (CSSD). Held at the SPD [...]
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SPD Charity Show 2017 Showcases Abilities of Persons with Disabilities
Close to 20 SPD beneficiaries performed alongside more than 30 popular local and foreign artistes to raise $4.13 million at the SPD Charity Show 2017 on 19 March. The show, [...]
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SPD thanks all supporters for donating to the SPD Charity Show 2017
Close to 20 beneficiaries of SPD, an organisation that helps people with disabilities, performed alongside more than 30 popular local and foreign artistes in a show of inclusion to raise [...]
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Celebrating Every Triumph Together – Kane Chan En Ci
When 6-year-old Kane enrolled in SPD’s Development Support Programme (DSP) last year, he was having difficulties coping in his kindergarten. Kane’s teacher had concerns over his lack of interest in [...]
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Music Therapy for People with Disabilities
Our clients at the Day Activity Centre always enjoy themselves at the regular music sessions conducted by volunteers from VocalHeart. SPD physiotherapist Lee En Ting shares in this article how [...]
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SPD Brought the Community Together to Know More about Disabilities
The rain in the morning of 4 March did little to dampen the spirits of close to 900 visitors and volunteers who gathered for the SPD Open House at the [...]
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SPD’s Open House Brings Community Together to Show Support for Persons with Disabilities
SPD’s Open House was held on 4 March 2017 at its headquarters on Peng Nguan Street. The event saw the community coming together to foster greater understanding and acceptance of [...]
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Chefs to Whip Up Delectable Cuisines to Encourage Donations at SPD Charity Show 2017
Outdoor cooking will make its debut in a televised charity show in the SPD Charity Show 2017 《SPD 真情无障爱》. The artistes and segments to the upcoming SPD’s sixth televised charity [...]
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Celebrating Life’s Every Triumph Together – Teo Peng Peng
Mr Teo Peng Peng, 48, is deaf and lost his left leg in a car accident 16 years ago. Over an afternoon chat, Peng Peng shared more of his story [...]
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