August 2017

SPD Holds 53rd Annual General Meeting 2017
SPD held its 53rd Annual General Meeting (AGM) on 26 August 2017 at the SPD Ability Centre.
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Inaugural Family Day for the Day Activity Centre
With the support of Land Transport Authority (LTA), our Day Activity Centre (DAC) held its inaugural Family Day at the Jurong Bird Park on 11 August 2017. The event served [...]
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Building Bridges EIPIC Centre holds Its First Parent Support Group Session in Tiong Bahru
Caregivers of children with special needs often face significant pressure and challenges. These could include not having enough time for themselves, grief over the loss of a healthy baby, grappling [...]
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The SPD Ability Walk 2017 attracts more than 1,500 supporters
Rain or shine, the participants of this year’s SPD Ability Walk were determined to complete the 3km course at Chinese Garden on 27 August. More than 1,500 participants turned up [...]
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SPD Ability Walk 2017 returns with even more in store for participants
A crowd of more than 1,500 was present at the SPD Ability Walk 2017 this morning to show their support for the inclusion of people with disabilities. Mr Desmond Lee, [...]
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SPD Ability Walk 2017 – Speech by Ms Chia Yong Yong
Speech by Ms Chia Yong Yong, SPD President, at the SPD Ability Fun Walk 2017 on Sunday, 27 August 2017, 10.30 am at Chinese Garden
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Celebrating Life’s Every Triumph Together – Azlin Binte Amran
In this article, Ms Azlin Binte Amran, SPD’s Employment Support Specialist, shares what made her look on the bright side of things.
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In Conversation with – SPD’s Service Excellence Award Winners
Dawn (third from left), Adeline (second from right), and Pauline (standing, third from right) were awarded the Service Excellence Award this quarter.
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National Day Celebrations at SPD!
This year’s National Day celebrations at SPD involved music, fun and games for both the young and the old.
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MOLLY, the Mobile Library Rolls into SPD Ability Centre to bring Books and Fun
MOLLY, the library on wheels introduced by the National Library Board (NLB), delighted our clients and even our staff as it parked itself outside the SPD Ability Centre at 10am [...]
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