July 2020

Best Ergonomic Upper Body Stretches to do while Working from Home
Having backache problems while working from home? Here are some stretching tips for your upper body to help release tension!
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Best Ergonomic Neck and Shoulder Stretches to do while Working from Home
Has working from home gotten your neck and shoulders stiff, sore, and the whole body aching? SPD’s physiotherapist Alyssa Tang highlights some issues you should look out for, and brings [...]
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Persons with Disabilities Facing Access Issues
The recent resumption of activities following Singapore’s exit from the circuit breaker, and the upcoming general election, have surfaced some access issues faced by persons with disabilities.  Our Chief Executive Officer [...]
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Activities to Reduce Screen Time for Children
Though technology can be an enabler when used appropriately and in moderation, parents need to be mindful that excessive screen time can adversely affect a child’s sleep, behaviour and even [...]
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The Continuing Therapy Programme Pilots Telepractice During Circuit Breaker
Following the temporary suspension of our centre-based services during the Circuit Breaker, SPD’s Continuing Therapy Programme (CTP) began piloting telepractice with clients and their caregivers. SPD CTP’s programme head and [...]
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Youths of SPD – Their Hopes and Aspirations
Happy Youth Day to all youths and the young-at-heart! As we celebrate Youth Day on 5 July this year, we invite six youths to share with us their dreams and [...]
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