February 2021

When Love Means the Little Things (Valentine’s Day Specials)
Joshua has severe vision loss due to congenital glaucoma. He shares his views on relationships, misconceptions about dating a person with disabilities, as well as his treasured moments with his [...]
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Relationship – A Two-Way Street (Valentine’s Day Specials)
In this second instalment of the Valentine’s Day Specials, Winston Wong, one of our scholars with hearing loss, shares his thoughts on relationships, as well as one of his cherished [...]
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SPD Staff Take Their COVID-19 Vaccination
Identified as a one of the prioritised groups to receive the COVID-19 vaccination, our staff have been encouraged to sign up for the vaccination so that we can play our [...]
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When Love Means Family (Valentine’s Day Specials)
This Valentine’s Day, three of our youths share with us some heart-warming acts of love they have received from or given to their loved ones. In this first instalment, let [...]
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Giving of Time, Presence and Experience (Supporters’ Specials)
Mr James Ong has close to two decades of experience working in various fields including banking and mergers and acquisition. He has been volunteering on the SPD Board of Management, [...]
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Inaugural Peer-to-Peer Sharing Session for Caregivers, and by Caregivers
The inaugural peer-to-peer sharing session for caregivers provides a safe space for them to meet and share their caregiving experiences
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Tower Transit Singapore Partners SPD on Public Bus Confidence Course
Commuters with mobility issues can practise boarding and alighting from buses at the newly relocated Jurong East interchange. As part of Tower Transit Singapore (TTS)'s initiative to foster inclusivity and [...]
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