How to Improve Your Child’s Organisational Skills
Children who struggle with being organised often take a long time to find things that are needed or to complete their work, and is unaware of the things that are [...]
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Tips to Engage Your Child Meaningfully at Home
Participation in meaningful life activities plays an important role in the development of our children’s physical skills, social skills, and well-being, laying the foundations for their interpersonal development and school [...]
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Should W-Sitting Be A Cause for Concern for Parents?
With many differing views on this sitting position, parents are often confused about the impact of W-sitting on a child’s hips and legs development. SPD’s physiotherapist Cliodhna Kavanagh addresses the [...]
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Why Recognising Your Child’s Strengths is Important
SPD’s social worker Ong Xiu Hui shares why parenting should focus on the strengths of the child rather than his/her weaknesses.
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