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Understanding Autism Spectrum Disorder and How We Can Help
The autism spectrum is wide and differs from person to person in severity and combinations of symptoms. Individuals with autism who receive timely and adequate support and intervention can develop [...]
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How to Engage Your Child in Conversation
Does your child talks to you only when he or she wants something? SPD’s speech therapist, Ridhima Batra, provides some useful tips to help you engage your child in conversation.
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Structured Teaching – A Teaching Model for Caregivers
The "Gradual Release of Responsibility" model promotes the child’s independent learning. Learn more as SPD's early intervention teacher, Gerry Da, explains.
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Continuing Therapy Programme
The SPD Continuing Therapy Programme (CTP) offers centre-based occupational and speech therapy services to complement the therapy services that children receive in their Early Intervention Programme for Infants and Children [...]
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