Ensuring Continuity of Care Through Innovation
Remote support became part of the new normal for our professionals, especially when services were temporarily suspended during the circuit breaker period. In this video, our speech therapists share their insights, experiences and challenges adapting [...]
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Introducing New Technology to Enhance Communication with Caregivers
A system was developed to improve communication between staff and caregivers on the learning needs of the child, allowing the resources to be shared. An Individualised Educational Plan and progress [...]
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New Hands-free Fare Gates at Four MRT Stations
Taking the MRT during peak hours can be quite an uphill task. A new hands-free ticketing technology is introduced and may soon enhance the commuter experience of those with disabilities.
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How the Internet of Things Have Been Improving the Lives of Caregivers and People With…
The Internet of Things are taking caregivers and people with disabilities by storm.
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Utilising Technology to Improve Productivity and Quality of Service
SPD is taking initiatives to boost their IT infrastructure to aid in improving quality of care and to enhance it’s oragnisational productivity.
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Inaugural Technology Forum Raises Awareness on Positive Impact of Technology on People with Disabilities
Nanyang Technological University (NTU) undergraduate Ang Chin Hao was born with macular dystrophy, a rare genetic eye disorder that causes vision loss. Due to his diminished eyesight, Chin Hao struggled [...]
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