Golfing for a Cause – SPD Charity Golf 2019
96 golfers gathered at the Orchid Country Club on 30 April to help raise funds for people with disabilities. Take a look at the happenings during the event here.
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Symptoms and Causes of Frozen Shoulder and Shoulder Instability
In this issue on sports injuries, physiotherapist Gerda de Jong shares more on the symptoms and causes of a Frozen Shoulder and Shoulder Instability.
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Golfers raised $158,600 for people with disabilities at the fourth SPD Charity Golf event
96 golfers gathered at the Orchid Country Club today for the SPD Charity Golf 2019. This was the first time that the event was held there following three consecutive years [...]
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Shoulder Impingement Syndrome – How to Prevent It?
Shoulder impingement syndrome results in painful movements of the shoulder. Here are some steps that you can take so as not to let the pain keep you from doing activities [...]
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Tips for Safe and Healthy Exercise
Engaging in sports will be a lot more enjoyable and beneficial if you do it safely. Physiotherapist Gerda de Jong shares some tips to prevent an injury during sports activities.
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